Injustice. Exclusion. Inequity. It’s everywhere.

Want to change things but don’t know where to start? I believe it starts with courage, faith, and community.



I believe we can all do something.
And together, we can do even more.

Speaker, musician, photographer, writer, activist, and conversation-starter.

I spend most of my time working  on issues of LGBTQ+ inclusion and racial equity. I come at it all through a lens of faith in a God who loves us all. Mostly I’m just trying to make the world a better place — in any and every way I can.

What I Do

Photo by Bethany Bohlen Photography

Speaker & Facilitator

Speaking the truth. In love. Telling stories. Having real conversations.
Learn more about my writing, speaking and ways I’m helping facilitate conversations on tough issues. Learn More ▸


Photography that shows us what is, and what could be. I’m capturing the world in ways that help us to really see one another. Take a look ▸

Worship Leader

Whether I’m leading worship in a church or conference, or singing with my band, The Many, I’m passionate about creating the kind of music that brings us together, that both comforts and challenges, and that reminds us we all belong here. Listen now ▸