Darren Calhoun is a justice advocate, worship leader, and photographer based out of Chicago. He works to bridge connections between people of differing perspectives through story and relationship. Intersectionality is his primary lens when facilitating dialogue and education about justice and inclusion for people marginalized based on race, gender, and/or sexuality.
Darren Calhoun is currently the Worship Leader at Urban Village Church – South Loop and previously served as a volunteer worship leader at Willow Chicago for close to a decade.  Darren is an Associate Fellow with Evangelicals for Social Action and sings with a band called The Many. He co-lead the #ImSorry and #MakeLoveLouder campaigns at Chicago’s LGBTQ Pride parades.  He’s been a speaker and performer at notable events like the Gay Christian Network conference, The Wild Goose Festival, and Sojourner’s Summit for Change. He serves on the board of directors for the Center for Inclusivity, The Reformation Project, and Q Christian Fellowship.
He brings with him an intentional focus on the church being inclusive of a diversity of people and expressions as an authentic reflection of the Love of God. Lastly, Darren is an extrovert who loves hugs. Follow him on social media at @heyDarren or through his blog, DarrenCalhoun.com.