Darren Calhoun was born and raised in Chicago. From an early age his creative abilities were nurtured by his parents. By the time he finished elementary school he was creating banners and posters for classmates and teachers giving him an early foundation for running his own business. This continued through high school and it was in college where Darren’s abilities began to draw more and more attention. While taking a Digital Design class at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Darren received his first fully-manual SLR film camera. It was then that he finally had the opportunity to capture the images he so often saw with his mind’s eye. So impressed by his natural ability, Darren’s art professors began demanding more from him than from his peers. In 2002 Darren began shooting semi-professionally for community organizations, recording artists, and for the campus alumni magazine. In 2005 Darren launched his own company: Quick Click Media and has been working professionally as a designer and photographer since.

Darren Calhoun has had the pleasure of photographing special events with guests including city and state government officials, nationally known gospel recording artists, and weddings. As a photographer, Darren strives to capture the very essence of his subject in ways that express the full character of that person or event.

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