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It’s just better… the Firefox web browser

You’ve probably heard me tout the benefits of Firefox 3 before, but I just recently discovered another great built-in feature.  Check it out here: http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/phishing-protection/

Firefox automatically will warn you if you’ve ventured onto a site that has been reported for phishing or for trying to put malware on your computer.  The first time I found this message I didn’t know what it was, then I check it out and found out my browser was actually helping keep my computer junk-free!

So if you haven’t already, be sure you install Firefox for your browsing… it’s just better!

Ugh! Browser Glitches

more cat pictures


I was planning on blogging about how excited I am that I actually got around to encoding and posting two videos for my actor page.  But that excitement got all eaten up when I tried to show the page to a friend who uses Internet Explorer 7.  At present, this blog will not display on internet explorer browsers!!! From what I can tell it’s not the whole blog – just pages with flash — which was why I stopped using IE in the first place.  I wanted to tell him to go and immediately download Firefox, but I’m not so happy with Firefox 3… right now it seems to be susceptible to some of the same seemingly random shut-downs that IE was prone to.  The only good thing about Firefox is that it offers the ability to restore your browsing session after a failure.

In other random malfunctions… many pages that use Java Script for advanced functions (like uploading a batch of files) are now coming up with errors on my system!  The Java site reports that it’s a known issue: “Too many virtual machines running in the same process” but there’s no definitive solution for it.  I haven’t been uploading my batches of photos on sites like flikr, facebook, and elsewhere.  Hopefully an update will be released soon.  I guess everyone is having growing pains at the moment… it’ll get better after a while.

In the mean time… LOOK WHAT I MADE!