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My New Toy! Kodak Zi8 Review

Yay – My Birthday came early this year. 🙂 I’ve wanted a Kodak Zi8 since I first read the reviews of it posted on C|Net a few months ago. Well I found it on sale at Target and picked one up tonight.  The price seemed quite reasonable and the video quality seemed to be pretty nice for a mini-cam.

I’ve only played around with it a little tonight (before I even got it home) and I couldn’t wait to load up the video and see how things were looking. You can check out two videos I made with it below.

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We Have Been Changed to Bring Change!

Think on this!

CHANGED from blaine hogan on Vimeo.

This music video was created for Aaron Niequist’s new song, Changed.

©2009 AARONieq Music / Willow Creek Community Church

I Love this video.  it speaks in simple ways about the awesome things that God has called us to.  “How can we worship more than singing?” is a question we have to ask regularly.

Right now, I’m knee deep in planning an Arts Reception for all the creative, musical, artistic types at my church.  My hope is to empower as many people as possible to connect with our church and use their gifts and to connect with other individuals who share their passions.  I’m extremely excited about the potential of what could come from people gifted by God to do creative things getting together to spread the Gospel, provoke thought and action, and to communicate the heart of God.

Keep me in your prayers as I can get a little overwhelmed with the minute details (that I don’t really need to worry about).  I know that God is in control and working things out wonderfully according to his plan.  If you’re in the Chicago area on August 30th, I’d love to see you there!  You can get details at WCarts.eventbright.com!

Back in Action on Animoto (Referral Promo Code too!)

Hey Blog World!  I’m finally back online with Animoto after a 3 month hiatus.  I initially signed up for a 3 month commercial subscription and fell in love with it but didn’t immediately have the money to renew for a 1-year license.   Well for those who aren’t familiar – Animoto is the awesome web-based software that I use to create these video slide shows set to music.

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Kicking it up a notch: ANIMOTO

I’m stepping into a season of building my professional life in some serious ways.  I just wanted to share this great video slideshow I created today with Animoto.  It’s a great web 2.0 application that allows you to make excellent video slide shows.  Check out my first one below!  You can use the link below to check out the web site and if you sign up, please use my promo code: sqiwugyp

A Talk With A Stranger: Kezban

Thursdays are usually pretty good days for me.  On this Thursday in particular I was waiting for the Madison bus that would take me home.  As I waited out of the corner of my eye my attention was caught by a woman crossing the street with a guitar around her neck and the case on her back.  I wondered if she was coming from some music set but didn’t think much more about it.  I’d turned around to look and see if my bus was coming when the lady with the guitar tapped me on the shoulder to give me a complement on my locs.  It was then that I could see that she too had long locs peeking out from under a scarf tied around her head.

She introduced herself and I gave her my name, but me being bad with names didn’t quite catch it the first time.  We began to talk and I asked her about her music.  She then offered to play a song for me, but I let her know I didn’t have any cash that I could give.  She was happy to share her song with me.

My bus came, but I decided to wait for the next one.  I enjoyed her song, and she has a beautiful raspy voice and the most amazing green eyes (at least they looked green in the streen light).  We talked a bit more, and she offered a me a piece of the cake she’d been given at starbucks.  I took a piece and gave her a hug. She said I give good hugs. 🙂

Not long after that my bus came.  I asked her name once again and she came on the bus to ask for directions to the 150 bus.  The driver didn’t know but it gave her time to write down her name, number and a reminder to search for her on YouTube.

Her name is Kezban and I hope to see her again while she’s in Chicago.  Just that short exchange was the perfect ending to a good day.  Before I met Kezban I was pretty absorbed in the news that my check would be short $100.  But for those few moments it made it not matter so much.  It’s still a good day that God made… I can still rejoice and be glad.  I’m glad I was open to talking to a stranger tonight.

Check out a video someone made of her and posted to YouTube

It’s ALIVE!!!

I’m happy to report that yesterday’s this morning’s long and tedious efforts were NOT in vain! Video is now alive and kickin’ on my site!   It appears that the conflict was actually with Lightbox2 (the plug in that makes images pop up in a pretty little frame) may have been the problem.

To get things up and running, I deactivated all my plug-ins, made one change to the Lightbox2 code, and reactivated the plugins one by one untill everything was up and running!  Note: the site ran JUST FINE in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer it would display an ugly Operation Aborted error. Long live Firefox!

And now to celebrate… a random video!!! 🙂

(a different video will play on every page load)