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Wow… I’m a little hurt at the moment. (Update)

Wow… I’m a little hurt at the moment. (Update)

Well now,

I saw my friend who I wrote about in a previous entry earlier this month. This is the friend who messaged me via MySpace and basically let me know that he wasn’t ‘feeling’ our friendship anymore and that his significant other thought I was a threat to their relationship to which he agreed.

This has affected me much more than I thought it would… I guess it’s just not easy to be rejcected by someone you’ve considered a good friend for years. It’s funny, because I don’t really seek anything from him nor do I even spend much time with him… really the only time I see him is in the company of mutual friends. But he’s got his significant other and I’m not going to go back and forth with him over this.

Whatever the case, we all (Me, our mutual friends, Him and his significant other) were at a birthday party yesterday. Normally when we see each other we’d do this big loud greeting and hug, but when he arrived yesterday he gave me the ‘brotha hug’ where u kinda grab hands and swing the other arm around their back. I really had no intention of greeting him other than a maybe a hello from afar. And other than that he was generally sociable. We just didn’t ‘chat’ or anything.

Well a little later, we all played some group games and things were decent… until the significant other feels the need to sit out of the game. The Sig.Other felt that I wasn’t being ‘killed’ enough in the game and wouldn’t return to play as a result. It was said in a playful kind of way so you wouldn’t have known what was up without reading between the lines.

My stomach turned at that point, but I wasn’t going to let it spoil the night for me. Other than that I enjoyed the night. I just wish I had some kind of resolution for this situation with my friend.

So I said all that to just try and process this a little more in my mind. And with everything else that’s in a state of unrest in my life, this is just one more thing on my plate.

The good report is that I’m still happy.

Sunday December 17, 2006 – 11:59am (CST)

Entry for July 01, 2006

Well Hey Glory!!!

I Had a much needed conversation with my boss today.  I’m really happy that I’m working for a man of God who’s for real.  It’s funny because even though we work with alot of ‘church folk’ I see him come through with integrity time after time.  He doesn’t leave anything in the dark or to the imagination and even though you don’t always like him (lol) you love his integrity and honesty.  It’s a rare trait and I only know two other men that I hold in such regard.

So after one of the most trying two weeks I’ve had in a LONG time (and even stting at work on a Saturday typing this) I’m happy to say IT IS WELL!

I’ll update my blog more soon.

Saturday July 1, 2006 – 02:52pm (CDT)

Good Monday

Today indeed has been a good one! It started off with a pretty deep yearning for God- you know when your flesh is crying for attention but you realize that It’s your spirit that really needs it. I listened to “yes” and just realized that He’s setting me up to meet Jesus in my present situation. I realize that I’ve been Set-up for His glory. Pray for me- the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. I’m on the bus now heading home. I’ll write about my weekend later.

Monday May 1, 2006 – 05:44pm (CDT)