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Submitting to God: This is my Act of Worship

Last weekend was a beautiful practical experience in submission. I had a chance to write a little about it in the comments section of my churches summer devotional page. Since I don’t know how long it will remain available I’ll repost my story here:

This past weekend was an exercise in listening for and responding to God’s prompting. I’m normally pretty busy serving on Sundays, but on Thursday God was giving me a clear directive to ‘be still and know that I am God’. On Thursday I was all set for ‘stillness’ by Saturday night I was ready to make some phone calls and get back to all my activity on Sunday morning.

Well, I resisted that urge and remained still. Because I wasn’t busy, I ended up sitting next to a friend who I haven’t seen for a while in church. Through the service I kept feeling like I should give him a hug – I didn’t do so until the end of service. When I hugged him he broke out in tears and tells me about something terrible that happened to him on the way to church that morning. I was able to get some help for him and just be a friend in the time of need – something I would have totally missed had I been ‘busy’ with all my normal stuff that God told me on THURSDAY to take a break from.

Because I submitted to God, I had the opportunity to see how he would use me beyond my gifting and expectations. God has a purpose in all that I do and go through.  I’m challenged to know all the more – WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TODAY. LORD?

My weekend closed with the opportunity to see Sy Rogers preach at City Church Chicago.  I’d never heard of him before that day, but a friend insisted that I come to the service.  I was glad I did.  Sy Rogers defies the expectations of many about the look and sound of a born-again Christian – or any preacher for that matter. I love that!  He brings the message of the Gospel and teaches in practical ways that apply to most anyone who hears him.  I’ll let this video clip speak for itself.

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Passing Thought: it’s a beautiful thing to be naked with all your clothes on.

In the Garden, we (Adam and Eve) were naked and in total relationship with God and each other.  But sin caused us separation — from God and each other – and caused us to need to cover ourselves.  God made a sacrifice to cover (clothe) us… and eventually another sacrifice to restore us to relationship with Himself (Jesus).

In our modern Context, we need to be Naked with God – but fully clothed – that is protected, covered, and taken care of.  When we stop hiding (like Adam and Eve did) and receive what Christ has done for us we can once again be fully in the presence of God – unashamed and in relationship again.