This morning I had the wonderful experience of waking up to find there was NO running water in my building.  Apparently sometime during the cold Chicago night a pipe burst.  Emergency work is being done to repair the damage, and things should be back to normal by days end.  The bad news is I didn’t get to take a shower this morning.  The good news is that this is the first time in 32 years I’ve experienced this cruel reality.

I began to think about some things I’d heard in church about how so many people today DON’T have access to clean water.  So I did a quick Google search and landed on  Apparently, 1 billion people woke up today (and every day) without access to clean water. Woah.  I could easily take the #FirstWorldPains approach and complain about how inconvenienced I was this morning.  OR, I could do something about the larger problem of access to water in the world.  So, I started a fundraising campaign!  My modest goal is to raise enough money to give 12 people clean water FOR LIFE.  How much would that cost? Thousands? No. Only $300!  Many of us have spent more than that on electronics! That breaks down to $25 being all it takes to change a persons life.

I hope if you’re reading this and you appreciate being able to walk to a tap and turn on water to cook, drink, bathe, clean, play, or whatever… then you’ll visit my campaign page and contribute what you can.

Donate $25 to give someone Water for LIFE!

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