Worship on June 6, 2009

Photo © 2009 S. Bailey

Wow! This week at the Willow Creek Arts Conference, Nancy Beach encouraged us to embrace the “wow” moments that we often look past. This week has been a continual state of ‘wow’. I’m so full of wonder and inspiration to dig deeper, stretch further, and grow more as a creative professional, as a worship leader, and as a Christ-follower. I’m embracing a greater awareness my calling and the experience that God has equipped me with. My idle thoughts are racing with new realizations and greater aspirations. I’m seeing this new energy affect things around me.  Taking risks and responsibilities that I wouldn’t have taken before.

This Sunday Willow Chicago focused in on the basics of our worship in a “Back To Basics” service.  We took the time to explain a few of the “why’s” in church – for communion and our corporate worship experience.  The message – “Why We Sing” was given by Darren Whitehead and was excellent!  God stirred in our all of our hearts and I took a big step of faith.  I felt there was no way we should close out a service like this without corporately responding in song to God.  That’s when Fran, our Worship Leader lets me know that we’re going to sing the chorus to a song to close out.  It was one of the songs that we’d sung earlier in the service, but it seemed like there was another song that would fit there better.  “Our God Reigns” came to mind as a simple song that the congregation could easily join in singing praise of and two God.  The problems in my mind were 1) the band hadn’t rehearsed playing the song, 2) it hadn’t been included in the ‘program’ for an extra song to be in the service. But in an act of doubt and risk, I told Fran what was on my heart to sing.  He agreed to the same problems I was thinking – then talked to our Campus pastor and called the worship team together to let them know we were doing the song!

I was shaky (and in different key) when it started off, but I pushed past my uncertainty and soon the entire congregation was singing beautifully and with heart-felt passion to God!  A few people even came up after the service to share how powerful the worship time was today.  I’m soooo glad I didn’t let my own fear get in the way of the unexpected plans that God had for us today.  This week I renewed my dedication to being  all that God has called me to be – and not to let me doubts and insecurities about how that might be received hold me back.  Indeed… OUR GOD IS REIGNING in my heart and life.

Our God Reigns – Reprise (Live At Willow Creek Album Version) – Delirious?

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