In the past 30 days or so I’ve been tagged by a couple friends to do either a 16 random things or a 25 things about me post.  I haven’t done ANY of them until now… so here goes.  (Dang I wrote a lot!)

Oh, for those who have never seen this, you basically write a number of little known facts about yourself and ask your friends to do the same.

dc-locs_20090118_1629121.    I don’t eat beef or pork or seafood – not for any particular reason
2.    The only meat I do eat is boneless chicken/turkey or fish. (if I find a bone, the party is over!)
3.    I’m left handed and so is most of my family on my Mother’s side.
4.    I want to be married and have children, but I feel like I’m nowhere close to being ready to do either.
5.    I went to school for 7 years full-time and still don’t have my degree (please hold all your ‘go get it’ comments… you won’t be the first or the last to remind me).
6.    I project confidence when I’m most insecure.  I only have begun to realize that in the past year or so.
7.    I talk ‘in my head’ a lot. There’s a huge internal dialogue going most of the time.  People who think out-loud just about confuse me!
8.    I was born pre-mature and given a very bleak outlook on life by my doctors. Mom was a trooper and made the doctors second guess themselves on numerous occasions.
9.    On the health theme, I have a scar near my eye that most people never notice.   I had a tumor (non-cancerous) behind my left eye that undetected could have caused permanent blindness in my left eye.
10.    My computer just had a blue-screen-of-death (BSOD) error because of my USB drives… so I lost 2 random facts! 🙂
11.    Creativity and Performance run in both mom and dad’s sides of the family.  All of us at some point have sung, acted, danced, written, directed, photographed, modeled, or played in some way or another.  My grandfather was a well-known Jazz musician.
12.    I’ve been using computers since age 3, had my first e-mail address in 1994, and first web page in 1996
13.    I’ve had a job or my own business since the 5th grade.  I was always saving for and buying the things I wanted and then selling them to get other stuff.
14.    I was ordained as a minister in 1999 and did full time ministry several years.
15.    I tend to keep everything… I’ve got belongings in storage in 3 difference places right now.
16.    I rarely pick up the phone to call people.  Even with clients connect most fluidly with those who communicate well via e-mail and text.
17.    I can be myself better on a stage in front of thousands than in a small room full of complete strangers.
18.    Around 18 years old I was coloring my hair for a season… very dark reddish brown.
19.    This is my second time locking my hair… the first time I was totally on my own and it wasn’t going very well.
20.    I’m known for giving hugs, but I’m taken by surprise when someone is physically affectionate toward me.
21.    I can spend hours in a store deliberating over making a purchase on anything above $100.  I always want to make sure I’m making a good investment and for the right reasons.
22.    My unconscious auto-response to stress/anxiety is sleep.  Before I was aware of this, there were times where I would sleep 16 hours a day.
23.     In an emergency, I often have taken the lead and even done first-aid until the paramedics arrived – however if you tell me about how you nicked yourself or some other minor injury, just hearing the story will make my stomach do flips.
24.    Most barbershops make me uncomfortable.
25.    I’ve been in therapy with a Christian councilor for several months and it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

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