Love is an OrientationGosh… for the past hour or so I’ve been consumed with trying to post a little 4 sentence comment on my good friend Andy Marin‘s blog Love Is An Orientation.  Apparently blogger wants you to create an acutal blog – so I thought I would use OpenID to verify my identity – which sent me in several loops before I found some good info on how to link my open id directly to  I like LOVE my Wordpress blog… it makes commenting (and everything else) so simple!  Problem solved… now back to Andy… 🙂

I’m excited that Andy is blogging (I’ve wanted him to start doing that for a while now) and I’m even more excited to see the cover of his book which will be released soon!  He is an awesome guy that has quietly become a pretty significant person in my life.  I feel blessed to know him and am excited about the doors that God is opening for him and the message that he’s bringing.  It’s almost 3AM and I need to get some rest, but I had to mention at least a few words about this wonderful guy.  And to top it all off… he knows the power of GREAT HUGS!!!

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