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Family Reunion 2009 Slideshow

I’ve created a slideshow of all the fun we had on July 4th.  ENJOY!  I really wanted to have this finished and burned to a DVD to show on the big high-def plasma screen – but the video finished rendering about 5 minutes too late!

It was so wonderful to reconnect with my family this weekend.  I’ve never valued these connections so much before.  In a lot of ways, I just didn’t know how.  I’ve got to intergrate being with my family more into my life!!!

Anyway 🙂 leave comments and share what you did with your family or friends this Holiday.

Back in Action on Animoto (Referral Promo Code too!)

Hey Blog World!  I’m finally back online with Animoto after a 3 month hiatus.  I initially signed up for a 3 month commercial subscription and fell in love with it but didn’t immediately have the money to renew for a 1-year license.   Well for those who aren’t familiar – Animoto is the awesome web-based software that I use to create these video slide shows set to music.

Read my review and get the code after the jump… Continue reading Back in Action on Animoto (Referral Promo Code too!)