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OpenID… Blogger… it’s all DRAMA! :-)

Love is an OrientationGosh… for the past hour or so I’ve been consumed with trying to post a little 4 sentence comment on my good friend Andy Marin‘s blog Love Is An Orientation.  Apparently blogger wants you to create an acutal blog – so I thought I would use OpenID to verify my identity – which sent me in several loops before I found some good info on how to link my open id directly to darrencalhoun.com.  I like LOVE my Wordpress blog… it makes commenting (and everything else) so simple!  Problem solved… now back to Andy… 🙂

I’m excited that Andy is blogging (I’ve wanted him to start doing that for a while now) and I’m even more excited to see the cover of his book which will be released soon!  He is an awesome guy that has quietly become a pretty significant person in my life.  I feel blessed to know him and am excited about the doors that God is opening for him and the message that he’s bringing.  It’s almost 3AM and I need to get some rest, but I had to mention at least a few words about this wonderful guy.  And to top it all off… he knows the power of GREAT HUGS!!!

Blessed Beyond Measure

Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. All days that have knocked my socks of with the amazing reality of how I have been blessed by God.

I hope to get around to blogging more about all of it later, but to put it quickly

Thursday – Day 1 of the 2-day Willow Creek Leadership Summit.  Great and challenging teaching and insights into leadership.

Friday – Day 2 of the Leadership Summit.  I had the opportunity to lift my voice in the choir closing session of the summut reaching tens of thousands across the country live via satelitte.  I had the opportunity to meet Bill Hybles and share a portion of my story and how God has blessed me through Willow Chicago.  I also took a risk and became a bit more transparent with someone at my church and I was accepted.

Saturday – given the opporunity to lead worship at my churches Lakeside Baptism. In wittnessing that awesome event I was overwhelmed with the beauty of what Baptism is – and its significance in the body of Christ.

Sunday – Had a great time of worship and teaching at church – hearing from one of my recent favorite authors: Dr. Henry Cloud.  After that spending the rest of the day with several friends having a great time.

These are just little ‘tidbits’ of my days, but it all adds up to me realizing that God is makinging something beautiful of my life.  There are some very difficult times, but on days like these – though money is tight and so many things are uncertain –  life can still be enjoyed and God is still providing reasons for joy.

best friends

Well hello all. Told ya I was going to write again soon. I figured I would take a minute to talk about Corey: my best friend / brother.

We met in the fall of ’98 and my life has not been the same since. He’s been the true meaning of a friend and has stood by me upholding the truth through the worst of times.

Now he’s happily married to a beautiful wife, and they have a wonderful son. They are expecting a little girl in March.

I just wanted to share with you my buddy. I’m blogging from my phone so I’ll get a better picture up later.

UPDATE 3/5/06: I’m finally adding the better picture I promised

Friday December 23, 2005 – 06:06pm (CST)