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To hear you say “I Love You”

To Hear You Say I Love You - modified from http://creativemyk.com

Time to think out loud again.

First I want to send a shout-out to all those lurkers out there who read but don’t commentLurker is a common internet term for people who are actively reading a site or discussion, but not responding / joining in the discussion.  Though it sounds bad, it’s not always – we all would do well to observe what’s going on before we go to saying whatever is on our minds.  With that being said, I do want to encourage anyone who drops by to let me know that you were here. Just a quick hello or even a smiley face 🙂 .  Sure Google tells me I had X number of visitors each day, but it’s nice to hear from you rather than Google.  This comes up because I recently learned that one of the two primary ways I experience love are “Words of Affirmation” ( which also scored equally with “Acts of Service”.)

On my way home from a concert I was feeling a bit frustrated.  As I dug into what I was feeling I was even so bold as to tweet about it (here and here) – speaking up was a GREAT idea because it sparked a small discussion on Facebook (where my tweets show up as my status message). Continue reading To hear you say “I Love You”

Darren needs more internet foolishness.

I can’t believe I’m doing another FB Fad!

Ok, so how you play the game is you go to http://Google.com and type in your name and the word “needs” after it. I.E. “Kristina needs”. Type in your note the first 10 searches that come up.

1. Darren needs all the extrastrength, determination and luck that he can muster to survive trials which slice, burn and almost drown him …
(ya got that right!)

2. Darren needs myspace!
(that is pure blasphemy!)

3. Darren Needs (Bristol) is on Facebook.
(hi Mr. Needs! you have a nice name)

(this is NOT LIKE GOD)

5.  Darren Y. needs cheering up!
(Darren Y… need a hug? Darren C. specializes in them!)

6. Anyone know if Darren needs team leaders for UK Repo tour?
(I don’t know… but I need to visit the UK!)

7. Darren NEEDS applesauce
(yumm… on toast!)

8. ‘Soft’ Darren needs SAS training, says Vanstiphout
(no comment but Vanstiphout we’re gonna have to have a chat about that!)

9.  Twitter / Darren: Needs to forward texts on …

10.  Darren needs time to mourn
(yeah… laying some things down in 2009!  GOTTA LET GO AND LET GOD!)

That was an interesting exercise in Internet Foolishness!