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The Power (and Danger) of a Single Story

LINK: sat’day riddymz: the Danger of a Single Story «.

Check out the above link to AfroSpear – a blog where I found powerful yet simple video that inspired this post.

I’m becoming more and more interested in the dynamics of story. Not just in literary form but also in music, drama, video, and cultural traditions.  Our worldviews are built on the stories we’ve heard and accepted.  History exists as a collection of stories.  We long to live the kind of life that makes a great story someday after we’re gone.

What also must be considered is the fact that stories are often told from a single perspective.  We often gain new understanding when we hear a story from another perspective – even if the story has been told to us for ages.

Drama in Worship

Life is spinning at a good 60mph right now, but I wanted to be sure to send an update.  Amongst about a million other things, I’m in preparation for our second annual Christmas service at church.  I’ve been cast again as Balthazar, a wise man – the role I played last year in the production.  This year preparations started a little earlier so I’ve had more time to receive direction and coaching.  Stacy, one of the volunteers at church has been really taking me to new depths in understanding acting and getting into the character and telling the story.  As many of you know I’m a pretty animated person already.  And while I did a decent job with my role last year, it’s going to be much more dimensional this year.  What really touched me about this whole process is Stacy’s passion in how she’s directing me.  We spent hours yesterday working through the script, acting out various senarios, daydreaming about what the life of this Character was like.  All of that is to be expected, but there was something about the heart of what she was doing that blessed me as this is her reasonable service to God (Rom. 12:2).  She was using her passion to bless God and serve his people. That touched me and I hope to touch others with the same kind of passion when I get up on stage this year.


Yahoo Instant Messenger Offline
Image Just too busy!  This looks like it’s about to be the busiest month ever for me… on the plus side business is booming… but when will a brotha sleep!

So to all those who chat with me on Yahoo MESSENGER… please don’t be upset if you don’t hear much from me… I get on when I can, but most days I can’t.  Sorry Kids… that’s all for now… I’ll write soon… so much has gone on!

Do Yahoo IM / Yahoo 360 / MySpace folks give you drama when can’t get stay in touch?

Wednesday August 9, 2006 – 03:17pm (CDT)