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What Assumptions Have You Made About Homosexuality? (article link)

I want to invite you to take a look at an Article on Relevant Magazine (a Christian publication) that looks briefly into the assumptions that are often made when it comes to the topic of Christianity and Homosexuality.  I think these assumptions are some great conversation starters.  I hope you’ll take a look and share what your thoughts or questions are.

LINK: “Christian & Gay?” | Relevant Magazine

Why we said “I’m Sorry” at Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade

Hey Friends and Family,

I just wanted to share a blog post that beautifully sums up the “I’m Sorry” campaign I participated in at the Gay Pride parade in Chicago this past Sunday with The Marin Foundation.  The echoing reactions have been powerful and people across the country have been inspired to take action toward reconciliation with the Gay community.

From Nathan’s Blog Post:

“What I saw and experienced at Pride 2010 was the beginning of reconciliation. It was in the shocked faces of gay men and women who did not ever think Christians would apologize to them.”

Photo Credit: Michelle at maladjustedmedia.com Continue reading Why we said “I’m Sorry” at Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade