Dance Biography

Minister Darren Calhoun is currently a member of Willow Creek Chicago Community Church. In addition to his skills in design and photography, Darren has been touched by a move of God to worship Him in dance. Darren’s unique style of praise and worship is a combination of liturgical praise, modern jazz ballet, interpretive dance and contemporary movement. Through the anointing of the Father, Darren transforms the spirit of worship music into dance. He enjoys free flow spontaneous praise during service as well as choreographed pieces created for specific purposes and songs.

Darren has danced before God’s people at conferences, religious services and workshops in the tri-state area since 1997. He helped establish and performed with the Saint Xavier “Paw Prints” Dance Troop for a year and then formed the Upper Room Ministries Dance Team at the Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Later, he founded a Dance Ministry in Elkhart, Indiana and acted as director and choreographer until August of 2005. Minister Darren was the guest dancer in the 2005 musical stage production, “Unconditional Yes” in South Bend, Indiana.

Darren has been noted to say, “I am not a dancer, I’m a worshiper. I just happen to dance because it’s one way that I love to express my devotion to God.”