UPDATE 8/2/2012: This story was picked up by NewCity and featured in their publication here.
Today, I was riding an overcrowded CTA Red Line Train. The train was hot, we were sweating, everyone was constantly pressed into one another, and for the last 10 stops, it was so crowded that no one could get into the rail car. Two girls began to argue and couldn’t get close enough to fight each other so they started throwing cans and water bottles at each other.

I was thinking – I should do something — a song that everyone could sing, maybe? But I wasn’t quite bold enough to just break out singing. Then I heard someone say “you guys should sing instead of fight!” So I did just that! lol

The whole train got in on it too! I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I just told the story… so I recorded it. 😉

I just wish I sang it better. 😛

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