What Assumptions Have You Made About Homosexuality? (article link)

I want to invite you to take a look at an Article on Relevant Magazine (a Christian publication) that looks briefly into the assumptions that are often made when it comes to the topic of Christianity and Homosexuality.  I think these assumptions are some great conversation starters.  I hope you’ll take a look and share what your thoughts or questions are.

LINK: “Christian & Gay?” | Relevant Magazine

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  • This is a fascinating article. Assumption #2 about it being a choice reminds me of a conversation I had with my mom when I first came out to her. She told me a long story about life for her when she was in her twenties . The story ended with her telling me of her decision to choose being heterosexual, suppressing her initial inclination to be attracted to women. What my mom didn’t realize is that she didn’t really choose to be heterosexual. She wasn’t really a heterosexual, although she was/is living as one. To her, it was indeed a choice due to the troubled lives that lgbt men and women face. That trouble was magnified tenfold back in those days. She’s come around 360 degrees from that point of view and has fully accepted and embraced me and my partner, Mack, unconditionally.

    But there are lots of people out there who do think it’s easy to just decide to be something different in order to be accepted. In spite of the potential for bias and discrimination, how can one live with dignity if they choose to be someone or something other than what they truly are? I understand why some do it and I don’t hold anything against them for hiding behind a façade. But, I think in the long run, they are denying themselves a real chance at happiness. Like the author said so beautifully, we do lots of damage by thinking it’s a choice. Not only does it impact our own degree of happiness, but it can also impact the happiness of others who may look up to us and view us as their mentor. I’ve learned that all too often, people admire us and respect us, sometimes people we don’t even realize is watching us. When we aren’t true to ourselves, we miss an important opportunity to set an example for those who are watching us.