“Ground Zero Mosque” is important because?

I’ve been out of the news loop for a few days and have only heard the headline – which made me think it was being built ON the site of ground zero.  From what I gather, it’s an Islamic Community center being built two blocks away that has a mosque inside it.  I don’t have a problem with questioning the source of the funding, or even discussing the group’s effectiveness at bridge building. I’m just not clear on if this is motivated by anything more than being anti-Islamic.  If this area is ‘sacred’ to America – does that mean that other restrictions are in place in the area?  And how wide is the reach of this holy ground?

I’d love to hear your perspective – as I’m sure there are factors that I’m missing in this debate.

Check out this video walk through of the distance from ground zero : Matt Sledge: Just How Far Is the “Ground Zero Mosque” From Ground Zero?.

Can you share with me your thoughts on this issue?

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  • I agree Darren. I believe that people are opposed to this simply based on being anti-Islam and for no other reason. I think that many people judge all persons of this religious faith to be the same. They see them all the same and think that they all practice the same behaviors. While some are extremist and have unorthodox practices, such as the ones who launch terrorist attacks around the world, most who follow this faith are just as mainstream and orthodox as most other mainstream religions. But unfortunately people are quick to criticize that which they do not understand. That’s the very nature of discrimination, formulating opinions and judgments about others based not on their individual merit, but rather, on their membership in a class with assumed characteristics. I think that the people who are opposed are just not aware and do not have sufficient enough information to make an informed opinion. Their opinions are based on emotions and bias and not on facts, IMHO.

    • Hey! Love ya Will! As usual, I think you're dead-on about the ill-informed American mindset.

      What I'm gathering from other responses to my question posted on Facebook, it seems that the primary trigger for people opposed is the pain of the events that happened. I affirm the pain as real and thus this is a sensitive issue – which is why I think the response needs to be along the lines of managing constructive tension. If we face the reality of unresolved ill feelings toward Islamic people, then we can talk about this issue for what it really is. But creating more injustice as a response to the evil injustice that happened on 9/11 doesn't seem to be the “American Way” to me.