LINK: Over-sharing and Location Awareness | Center for Democracy & Technology.

I just read this article from the Center for Democracy & Technology and thought it was very useful and reasonable in the scenarios it presents.  The article looks at the growing nature of location aware information and services and the real and needed privacy controls around these services.  This was a refreshing read after wading through the information spun by groups like – which was rewriting actual location aware posts from Foursquare to basically say “I’ve left and gone to ______ location, please rob my home now.”

Everyday it seems we become more aware of concerns about identity-theft, personal information accidentally being exposed, and the ever-present Big Brother seeing too much into our lives.  The reality is that today we are exposed to more information in a single day than people of the past were exposed to in their entire lifetimes.  The challenge is being wise about how this information is collected, stored, and used.

Take a look at the article and be mindful of supporting legislation and other forms of policy that support privacy ideals like these.