Willow Chicago’s First Worship Arts Reception Was A HIT!

WCC_ARTS-2009 Reception PhotoThis summer I attended a workshop at the Willow Creek Arts Conference this Summer.  Jason Hatley of the Journey Church led an AWESOME workshop that was the foundation for this event.   I just wanted to share with you the exciting news about our first Worship Arts Reception.  We had 45 RSVP’s but only 20 of those who RSVP’d showed up.  However we had 60 people come to the reception unregistered totaling at LEAST 80 in attendance.  The room was PACKED!

A few things that I think worked for us:

  • Timing – For the past few weeks our church has been focused serving and giving.  Last Sunday we had a short service and then an event in the park where the congregation brought donations for 8 Chicagoland charitable organizations.  They were also able to sign up for ongoing serving opps with those groups.  This week, the service had a special 10-minute drama segment (with dance, music, lighting, and video) to really promote the opportunity to Inspire Others.  One woman remarked “It was great that we got everyone involved in serving the City and after that turned our attention to how to serve within the church”.  I hope to get part of the video posted (have to ask permission first!)
  • Opportunity – This was the first event of its kind for us.  Being a ‘mobile church’ (having church in a space where we have to pack everything up every Sunday) fellowship times can be quite limited after service ends.  There were a LOT of new faces as well as people who’ve been around but we didn’t know what talents they have to share.

There are several next steps to figure out, but this was a big one and I’m glad that it was an enjoyable time for so many.  One gentleman commented “I was really hesitant to come since I didn’t know if my gifts would fit… now I’ve had such a great time meeting people, I’m one of the last people to leave!”

Our new serving season starts in October (and a BUSY season it will be!)  A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone who volunteered to help make things happen today at Church and the Reception!

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  • Sha

    Thanks for allowing me to serve, too. I thought the event was awesome! So many people commented positively as they left. This was much needed. I am ready to assist with the next steps.

  • Linda Blanco

    The reception was great! I met a few new people and had a really pleasant afternoon with Janis Ebert (VHF and AGP chior) at the Latin Music Festival right afterward. Ever had a steak jibarito from Sabor Latino Restaurant? Me, neither! It’s a garlicy steak sandwich with plantains (verde, not maduro!) used as the “bread.” The music and dancing was fabulous – I think Fran got it started when we danced like David during the service! The weather was beautiful and it was a great way to enjoy God’s creation in the city He insires us to scatter throughout. ¡Señor, gracias para su presencia en la ciudad!

  • God is moving. Watching Him work things out is always amazing. It warms my heart to see how many people want to find a way to use their gifts for the Kingdom!