The Weight I Carry

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I loved this video from Igniter Media from both a design perspective and a personal one.

So often I look ‘fine’ on the surface, but just minutes into a thoughtful reflection on “how am I doing” and suddenly the burdens of my life all start grappling for attention.  I think the challenge is not avoiding having things to carry – I’m not sure how attainable that goal is.  I think we are called to 1) cast our Cares on Him (Jesus) and 2) bear one another’s burdens.  In my mind I think I do both, but in reality I’m not doing so well with either of those.

For me to allow someone else to bear some of my burden would require me to let go of part of it, to actually put the weight of my life in part on someone else.  Theoretically that would make things so much more ‘doable’ but I really struggle with feeling like I’m ‘being a burden’ on someone else.

And giving my cares to Jesus is sooooo much easier to sing about – but in daily living it would seem that I make that a last resort when I’ve run out of things I can do myself.  How much different would my life be if I practiced daily surrendering my cares to Him and seeing what he leaves me to work on?

These are just the thoughts that pass through my mind… these are the thoughts that need to become actions in my life. I hope these things inspire something within you as well.

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  • I enjoyed this Darren. I completely agree with you. In my mind, when you spill out to others the things that are wrong, it’s easy to continue to sink down to that sad and gloomy mindset. I always try to have a greater outlook than the state that I may presently be in so that I can strive to rise to a higher level. I believe we follow wherever it is our mind and heart goes. If our minds and hearts go down, we keep going down behind them. If we reach higher, striving for happier times, then that’s where we strive to go. Just because we carry around a lot of weight doesn’t mean that we need to plop it down on those around us. The normal, natural response for me is to simply say “I’m great” even when I may not be that great. It’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sad thoughts begets sad thoughts. Glorious and happy thoughts beget glorious and happy thoughts.

    But also, and here is what I think is the most important reasons for not giving our cares to others, dumping our struggles upon others is unfair, as they have their own cross to bear. We all need to bear our own cross. Like Jesus says in Matthew 10:38, “he who does not bear his own cross and follows after Me is not worthy of Me.”