My First iPhone App Purchase: FourTrack 2.0

DC – Wrap Me In Your Arms (mp3 – click to listen)

iphone_ftscreenshotWow – that’s my response to my first experience with Multi-Track recording on the iPhone using FourTrack (Apple app store link).  It’s pretty impressive what I was able to do with little to no difficulty!  I really could have invested more time into making a better recording, but I just wanted to see how difficult it would be.  This was SUPER easy and intuitive for me.  I actually had some nostalgia thinking of my Dad and how he would have loved something like this.  He spent hours creating and recording his own music with various forms of technology.

Anyway, check out my first recording.  I’ll be the first to say, the pitch is a bit off – but that’s my fault for not getting a key center before I started recording.  This was just for fun.

Technical notes: this is actually a 6-track recording that after ‘bouncing’ or re-recording all the separate channels into one channel I imported into Audacity to add reverb and convert to mp3 format.

I did begin to get memory usage warnings, but that was only after recording a 4th track and I never experienced any trouble recording.  There were a few times where the program would lock up during playback, but exiting using the home key and returning to the program loaded everything again without error.

Transferring the files via WiFi went without a hitch as well.  I can see this app consuming hours of my creative time. 😆

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  • jason

    Hey where did you get the chicago background for your website? i love the blue shade! anyways love the song! i don’t sing so know nothing about pitch heh! anyways…umm..what else was i gunna say?

    oh yeah i want an iphone…how much did you get for yours and what do you like/dislike about it…im thinking of getting one in december(thats when i can get a new phone) I have an ipod already…but it’s not a touch…so we shall see. It is a perfect idea for a christmas present…not from you obviously heh…but maybe someone in my family.

    anyways i enjoy texting with ya! the good thing about texting is that if you cant talk you just text later. anyways hope you have a good brand new day!!

    Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love in christ


  • JASON!!!! hey Bro!

    The Chicago background in my header is an original Darren Calhoun Photography – image captured on what had to have been one of the coldest and windiest nights EVER on the lake front last year.

    I got my iPhone (16gb 3G) for only $50 bucks from a neighbor who was trying to use it (unsuccessfully) on T-Mobile. I think you would enjoy the iPhone – especially if you already have an iPod. The applications are great and useful and the web browsing experience is pretty good. I’m going to do a full review at some point but what I don’t like on the phone is the e-mail and calendar. I wish I could mash-up the best of those features from my Windows Mobile phone and my iPhone.

    Thanks for the complements on my little recording too. Maybe I’ll see you guys for Labor Day!

    Talk to you soon!