Watch Classes@Willow Video – Andrew Marin.

Andrew Marin, WCCC Guest Teacher – This class will address hot topics and questions regarding homosexuality, and will help participants discover what it means to learn, listen and understand their way through the culture war of GLBT-Christian relations.

This is why I love my church!  Willow Creek & Andy Marin: what kind of amazing things can happen from this connection?!  I love that my church is willing to jump into the messy, controversial, never-easy, topic of homosexuality in a way that isn’t fear based or centerd on condemnation or even reacting to the current political and media events.  It’s an honest and informed discussion that I think will help our congregation(s) to mature in how we handle this key topic in our society.

Check out the video or download the audio and listen in your spare time.  The entire 4 week series will be made available online.