Save Me I just finished watching the movie “Save Me”. It’s about a young gay and drug addicted man who is put into a rehab facility for homosexuals where he finds love, a struggle for truth and healing. Obviously not a lighthearted topic, but a powerful one nonetheless. I watched this movie waiting for overt Christian bashing but surprisingly the movie stayed away from that. It was also very interesting to see how they portrayed the influences of 12-step programs, addictive ‘acting-out’, family relationships, grief and loss, and the church. I have to warn that the opening sequence is quite explicit, the rest of the movie stays generally palatable for sensitive viewers. I think it’s definitely a worthwhile watch for someone who wants to see more of the struggles surrounding these issues.(potential spoiler alert)

From a spiritual perspective the movie concludes that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. I’m trying to get at the major points without telling every detail of the movie – which was pretty well done as far as independent movies go.

I have to say I liked the movie even if I don’t agree with it’s ultimate points.  I think the portraial of the characters is realistic eventhough a few sterotypical characters pop-up (but don’t we all know a few stereotypical people in real life too?).  I guess I see a movie like this as something I would want to watch with others for the purpose of starting a discussion – not a bible / theology debate, but rather to illuminate the tensions that exist in the way we treat the issue of homosexuality in the Body of Christ.  I liked the portrayal of Ted –  one of the leaders at the reform home.  He himself is a member of a 12-step for drug and alcohol dependenace and has been sober for a number of years.  He often seems to be the ideal balance of grace and truth throughtout the movie – even when the movie it self begins to lean towards it’s pro-gay Christian theme.  In watching the end-credits I got a little insight into how this movie managed not to be anti-Christian: it appears have been strongly supported by the MMC (Metropolitan Community Church) which openly affirms same-sex attraction.

For me, the movie causes me to dig deeper into the Word of God – I’ve heard the same scripture arguments tossed back and forth about homosexuality, but very often I haven’t looked deeper into the significant issues that surround this topic.  There was a very strong theme of acceptance and how that desire drives us – in our relationship with each other and our relationship with God.  I have been greatly influenced through the years by acceptance (having it or longing for it) and while it’s a natural part of what makes communities, it can also cause us to put on blinders for the sake of maintaining that same community.  I do believe God designed us to be in community, but I need to get a deeper understanding of how His design of community works.  God loves and accepts us, yet he is able to maintain his standard of holiness and engages us in the free-will process of changing what he can’t accept.

There’s a lot to be said, but getting back to the movie, I’m glad that I watched it and would be very interested to hear the thoughts and discussions of anyone elese who’s seen this movie or one like it.  There are two previews available online if you click the movie poster image above.