Just wanted to update all 4 of you who actually read this blog. 😉 I’m doing well. I’m doing a lot of work to dig into my life and understand myself better. As a result, I’ve had several things just go well in the past few weeks.

Darren on a photo shootI’ve had two photo shoots with client/friends and I’m loving the new things I’m trying out with lighting and locations.  I had a great meeting with a new client – I’ll be doing several months of graphic design for their new ministry. I had a really healing conversation with my former boss and even confronted some things that I normally would have backed away from. And I’m asking for help with my business! I still have a ton more to do and learn, but I’m learning a better way to be me and that’s exciting.

With all this upgrading going on I also upgraded all my blogs to WordPress 2.7.1 today, part of me even writing this is because I wanted to take advantage of the new “QuickPress” feature where it makes writing a new post easy(ier).