“The More I seek you, the more I find you/ The more I find you, the more I love you…”

It amazes me how God shows himself througout my life.  In relationships, in difficulties, in joyus times, and in the unexpected – God is present and bringing about his purpose.  As I continue to dig into my life, my issues, and my personal challenges, the more I find God and how he’s been working on me and sustaining me all along.  I’m finding that there are so many places where I’ve never turned to him.  I’m finding that as impossible some things seem, it’s all possible with Him.  When I hear songs like this I float away to this peace, love, and assurance that can only be found in the Father.

I’m working to become all that the Father has made me to be.  For years I deminished and denied many of the gifts and talents that God gave me in the name of ‘humility’.  However, true humility is knowing exactly who you are.  It’s not denying the good in you or making yourself lower than you are.  Jesus was humble in that he was God but in the flesh.  He walked perfectly in that power.  I am created in the image and likness of God – I have uniqe gifts and abilities that are an expression of the Imago Dei (image of God).  My happiness and joy simply come in being who I was created to be.  Each day I learn more and more about that.

I’m thankful that God has given me the grace to make it to this point.  There are so many times where I’ve almost lost my life getting into situations that aren’t who I really am and don’t honor God -but He rescued me and turned those around for His glory – to show that he SAVES and his love ENDURES.

The challenge now is to live Today in light of that knoweledge.  Not to be defeated by my fears, by my worries for tomorrow, or my guilt.  I’m challenged to believe what God says about me when other voices are indifferent or speak the opposite.  This is the Day that the Lord has Made… I WILL REJOICE and be glad in it.