This week I’m spending a few days away on vacation.  It’s more like ‘getting away’ for a few days, but I haven’t done much of that so this is a welcome rest.  An old friend was so kind as to take me away for a few days to just chill at his house in central Illinois.  Before we left, we spent a day at Six Flags Great America – which I hadn’t done in years.  We had a great time but it’s become quite apparent that the park is focusing more and more on ‘family’ attractions for small children.  It seems they only have a hand full of coasters left that would attract adult thrill-seekers.

What I’m most grateful for was all the time I had to talk with my friend.  We’ve been friends since the beginning of 1998 and have had huge gaps of time away since then.  We spent the day really catching up on each others lives and examining all of the complexities therein.  It was kinda funny to be discussing significant influences on your life and then screaming your head off as you go upside down on a roller caster almost in the same breath.  One thing is certainly clear to me now– I’m getting older.  As great as the rides were, after a few I would have rather sat somewhere and talked.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to see Batman: The Dark Night.  That was a really great movie!  It kinda felt like a movie and a half!  I heard it was great and it certainly lived up to the hype.  I was worn out from sitting on the edge of my seat for so long! And it was neat to see all the locations around Chicago… i’d walked through / around many of the locations during the nights that they were shooting.  They did a great job with the movie and the effects!

The rest of the week should be rest with a little bit of work (yeah, I brought my computer with me).

I’ll try to write more soon!