UGH! Still no video solution! :-(

I thought I may have finally found my video solution for hosting and streaming video from  And after spending hours converting and uploading videos using a the wonderful WordTube plugin, I never stopped to check and see if the site would work in Internet Explorer (which has been giving me drama through this whole process!).  Well… I was all ready to call it a night when this dawned on me and BLAST… the site is NOT loading in Internet Explorer! 🙁

So that means BACK to YouTube hosted crappy videos (for now).  If ANYONE can help me figure out how to make whatever corrections are needed to make this site work in IE7 – I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a link to one of the pages with flash video embeded (opens in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer)

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  • DiGGa

    I’m sorry you couldn’t get the videos woking like you wanted. But, knowing you, Im sure u’ll figure out a new plan. Love the page. It is very nice, and looks very sophisticated to create. Now its time to duplicate your creations and get paid for the quality of work you do.

  • I’m REALLY excited because I’m about to post a blog entry to say that I resolved my issue in Internet Explorer!!!  Everything is working 100% now! 


    Thanks for stopping by my page and checking things out DiGGa!