I’ve spent a bit of time yesterday and today getting DarrenCalhoun.com updated… digging in a bit more to the plug-in features and customization of WordPress… and the more I dig the more I love!  I’ve never had so much ability for customizaton with so little effort!!  There are some things that I’ve wanted to encorporate into a web site for YEARS that are now as simple as downloading and activating a plug-in!

Today I:

  • Fixed about 30 broken image links in blog posts copied over from my Yahoo!360 blog
  • Installed the Lightbox 2 plug-in to display my photo links beautifully
  • Activated the Fotobook plug-in to automatically bring my Facebook albums onto this site
  • Switched from PHP4 to PHP5 (to get the above plug-ins working)
  • Installed the Featurific plug-in that features five posts from my blog in a neat flash display.
  • Adjusted the theme for single post pages so that the sidebars still show on those pages. (The wide display was just TOO WIDE for comfortable reading.  I eventually want to have a single side bar on the posts pages, but I’ll figure that out some other time.
  • Added 2 new categories and began categorizing many of the ‘unclassified’ posts.

I’m getting pretty excited about this whole deal!  This may be my standard means of publishing on the web from now on!

I’ve still got a pretty good backlog of blogs to manually copy and paste over from my Yahoo! 360 blog. But it’s worth it. I’m still thinking “what if someone finally releases a plug in to do this automatically?  I would have wasted my current effort, but the benefit would be that the comments that were left in the old blog (dating back to 2005) would still be intact.  As for now, everything has no-comments.  In fact, as a right this I don’t think anyone is visiting (yet).  I’ve let this domain remain mostly dormant since I first registered the name.

What I’m thinking of doing is making a second business card that directs people to this domain.  The information here would generally cover everything I do outside of Quick Click Media.  It would be a gateway to see my art and dance, and to connect with me on social networks.  All just thoughts at this point.  We’ll see.

In the mean time, I’ll keep working!  Before I start ‘promoting’ my site, I want to have all of my videos online (still have my acting videos from Willow to upload – and maybe a Royal Child video if I can find it!)  And I want to have my photography bio and resume completed and posted.