I just needed to record this dream somewhere.

It takes place at my church. Most of the details are becoming blury, but I do remember that more and more people were coming to our church. However, within the leadership at the top, things were being handled like the mafia – you couldn’t get close to them and if you went against them you might get whacked.

For some reason people realized what was happening and suddenly rushed the church and were searching for the pastor. They were a violent / angry mob. Somehow I got into the leadership offices, and was searching for the pastor. When I found him he was crying and asked me if I was here to deliver him from this death.

I then remember becoming instantly broken-hearted and torn, I felt angry (but not violent like the mob) yet I also relized a DEEP NEED for mercy to be shown in that instant. I found myself leading him out and as I did so, I was weeping heavily crying tears mixed with blood.

–The End.

Sunday December 17, 2006 – 11:36am (CST)