How Cute Were You?

Me taking a \'bath\' ;-)What’s poppin 360!!  This is something different for me and y’all too…not my normal blog.  But…I figured that I would try it to see how many responses I would get and how many people would be willing to do it.  So here it goes…
Are you ashamed of your baby pictures?  How CUTE were you?  If you don’t think you were a cute baby (hopefully that’s not the case), then how UGLY were you…lol?  The members of the “BABY PIC CLUB” are curious to know.  Join the us in a “baby pic explosion” going on until the end of the month.  Post your “goo goo gaa gaa pics” on your 360 page as your primary photo (preferred) or either one of your other photos and keep them there until the end of July.  Then help us out and spread the word to your friends.  Copy this blog to your blog or in a message to your 360 friends and watch how much bigger the explosion gets.  This should be fun and interesting to see who and how many respond.  We’re looking forward to seeing all the cute…and maybe not so cute lil squirts running around here on Yahoo! 360.
Thanks for making work this baby pic campaign work.
With sincere giggles and drools…
~The Members of the Baby Pic Club~

Tuesday July 18, 2006 – 12:06pm (CDT)

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