I feel like I’m appologizing to my 360 peeps, but in reality the one I’ve sinned against is God.

Things are going well right now, the doors are opening for the dance ministry, I’m getting calls for web design work and photography, and I’ve got good friends/family.  God’s favor is going before me in many areas of my life… in in all of this, I still find myself to be sinful — and casually continuing in it.

Just to clarify it now, we all will have areas in which we need improvement, etc… but I’m talking about sinful habits that you previously learned to overcome and had previously let go of… these are the things that I haven’t been watchful over.  In fact, when God convicts me about it, he brings to mind the very things I’ve taught others– from experince!  It’s like I’m relearning old lessons, retaking classes that I already passed!  And for that, I’m sorry.

My relationship with God isn’t about skipping hell, or having a better life… my relationship with Him is my reason for being on earth.  To willfully continue in behavior that strains that relationship is just disrespectful.  I love my Father and whooooo does he love me!  (oh yes!)

My Heavenly Father is my overwhelming desire… I just want to LIVE like it!  So herein is the apology to the 360 community – I’m sorry but I may have to change some of my behavior to line it up with what I believe (and have professed all along).  I know this often ruffles feathers, but who gets mad at a drug additct for changing his life?  Or at a parent for spending the time needed to raise their child?  Or at a doctor for spending years in school?  It’s all for a purpose and a goal that is at the heart of that person…  so I just solicit your prayers and encouragement to be what God has called ME to be.

Who’s better to persue?  A man?  A woman? A career? A dream? — I’m persuing the God of ALL these things.  I’m not sad or down…but I’m uplifted and encouraged… God is working this out in me!  Just watch Him while u pray for me!

Tuesday April 4, 2006 – 03:15pm (CDT)