Hey hey all!

I just realized how ‘dusty’ my page has become with no new updates. Well the seasons are changing naturally and supernaturally right now in my life.

Business has been booming (view my site here) and I’m glad about it! I’m preparing to really take it to another level on that end. I’m so excited because God said that if I opened it, he would fill it… and he’s done just that.

I’m also entering to a busy season of ministering… in dance and in the word. Several doors are open in those areas as well.

Most importantly I’m challenged to seriously respond to my faith… God has brought me so far and open the eyes of my understanding soooo much… it’s my reasonable service to respond with my life as a living sacrifice… but that’s not just a thought… I need to put action with it. So as of this writing, I’m seeking ways to respond to the provisions of his grace and mercy daily.

Lastly, as in spring new things are blooming, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful new people. I pray that these new connections bear much fruit in the time to come! (Special God bless you’s to Nate, Caleb, Maurice, Zack, Lori, and David)

Well I just wanted to do a quick update… be blessed and talk to you soon!
Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 06:52pm (CST)