Image There is a little song that I wanted to share… this should probably be sung at every church function where food is involved… maybe you’ve heard of it (you should know the tune):

The National Black Church Bird Anthem:

Chicken, chicken,
Chicken in the morning
Chicken in the noon time
Chicken, chicken,
We can eat it all day long.

Serve it, fry it,
baste it, broil it, boil it
barbeque won’t spoil it
chicken, chicken,
we can eat it all day long!

Chicken, Chicken,
You can shake ‘n’ bake it,
Fry it up, don’t waste it
Chicken, Chicken,
We can eat it all day long.

Chicken I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me
Chciken I’ll never forget how you taste to me
Chicken I’ll never forget how you fill me up
Chicken I’ll never forget no never!

©2006 (lol… don’t steal it… just give credit where it’s due! lol)
Special thanks to Acórea for this blog idea!

So share your silly songs in the comments here.  Have fun!

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 02:52am (CST)