This isn’t about perfection… it’s about living in the right direction. These were transcribed from the Way of the Master Radio broadcast on March 24, 2006 ( 

Go through the list and see how you’re doing and what needs some work.

1. You have a growing hunger to know God

2. An ever-increasing desire to know the truth of God’s word

3. An increasing awareness of your sinfulness, your weaknesses, and the grace of God

4. You respond quickly to sin with genuine repentance, confession (I’m sorry Lord)

5. You rely more and more on the power of the holy spirit to work in and through you

6. Your spiritual battles are becoming more intense and you remain steadfast in them

7. You view trials and temptations as opportunities for Growth

8. You view service to Him as high honor and not a burden

9. You view everything that comes your way, both blessings and trials, (and sickness, and poverty…) as from Him.

10. Your faith is growing stronger because of what He does in your life and you’re trusting Him more and more and more and more…

11. You desire to obey him (this is becoming a priority more and more in your life)

12. You’re eager to share with others

13. More love, more concern for other people

14. Always giving to the Lord’s work and looking for more ways to do so

15. An ever-increasing awareness of his presence in every aspect of your life

16. Private devotional-life is a priority

17. Increasingly more content and satisfied spending more time alone with God

18. Increasingly more aware of how much God loves …you.

19. Jesus Christ is the primary focus of your life

20. He (Jesus) is precious to you (pondering what he’s done for you on the cross where God demonstrates his love for you)

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Wednesday March 29, 2006 – 02:14am (CST)