Bernice King delivers prophetic words in eulogy of Coretta Scott-King

It was awesome today to watch the funeral of Coretta Scott-King. Even more amazing were the words delivered by her daughter. I’ll be writing more and providing links later, but if you are able to find video of the eulogy by all means view it!

Bernice King illustrates that the circumstances concerning her mother’s transition are orchestrated by God to speak to our nation and our world that there is a cancer in the reproductive organs of our country. We should be giving birth to Godly people because we were created in his image and given dominion, but instead we’ve lost our identity and are being ruled over by the creation… specifically the love of money. We’ve fallen away from the God-given order and just as the cancer infected King’s respiratory functions, it’s getting harder and harder for us as a nation to function.

Bernice King, prophesied that indeed it’s time for a NEW BIRTH in our nation. Just as a seed must fall into to the ground and die to produce more fruit, the death of Coretta Scott-King is the marking of new fruit being produced in the movement for justice.

Bernice king made powerful references to Martin King as Moses and Coretta King as Joshua… leaving us with the question… CHOOSE YE THIS DAY… asking us: “How Shall We Continue To LIVE?!”

Indeed… how do we respond to this word that has come forth and gone out to a world as we watched live by Internet, Television, and listened by Radio? Will we continue to live a life dominated by the cares of this world? Or will we take our rightful places as the Sons of God – those who have God’s characteristics – and exercise God’s will in the Earth!?

Tuesday February 7, 2006 – 05:17pm (CST)