Kirk Franklin brings Light on Oprah Show
Exposing the reality of pornography addiction

Well I didn’t get to see the show (yet…) but I’m reading through what Kirk wrote in his personal Blog and the synopsis from the Oprah Show (be sure to at least check out Kirk’s blog, it’s very genuwine and honest) and I must say I’m continually giving Thanks to God for the stand this brother has taken.  I first heard him mention his battle with porn on international network TBN.  Now he’s actually discussed it and broguht light to the reality of it without any ‘scandal’ surrounding it.

Already I’m hearing mixed comments about making such a move and what was said.  I don’t have a television so I’m hoping to hear of someone posting the interview online.  I would like to see the full interview and write more about it.  In the mean time, I’ll write about what this whole thing sparks in me (hey it’s my blog… not the Chicago Sun-Times!)

I personally sand behind Kirk, his testimony, and his ministry!  He’s one of the men that are so lacking in our poplular culture.  Especially in black communities, the “Thug” is the new image of masculinity along with all the negative traits associated with the “thuged-out” craze (need we mention that 50 Cent is making international headlines with his new Movie, Book,  and Video Game?).  The Body of Christ is called to be a light in the world… but we’ve tired so hard to be different, that we often come off to non-belivers as just “churchy” or “wierd”.  For years, Kirk has strived to cut through all that and take the good news to the world.  I’m not saying he’s flawless, but neither is he!  I am saying that in so many instances my life has been positively impacted by his music and his message.  I was even blessed by his “Rebirth” because he was able to say “I’m sorry” and make a turn around in his life.  That’s not the kind of masculinity we often see.  In stead we are baraged by images of perfect men… physically and otherwise.  It’s like “real men don’t make mistakes” is the mantra.  (I know many women however would disagree strongly to that point).  But if we look at our media, we see buff guys with fabulous lifestyles, having gratuitus sex, and never having to say I’m sorry.  Even in Church, the pastor is always right, appears to live perfectly, and you’ll be stoned if you disagree with anything he says.  I know I’m painting a picture with broad strokes, but I’m certain I’m not the only one who will recongnize this portrait of a man.

For me this is especially challenging.  I’ve struggled with my (don’t chuckle) Manhood for years.  Mainly because of external preasures to measure up and to ‘toughen up / take it like a man’.  Curious notions, because there weren’t alot of men in my life.  I had my father growing up but he was rather passive about everything so I didn’t get alot of direction or cues from him.  (I thank God so much for him though!)  I didn’t fit in well with my male-peers because I wasn’t into sports and I wasn’t aggressive.  Outside of them, I was never close to men anywhere else.  By Highschool this left me feeling ‘nervous’ around men.  Not outwardly so, but I would get uptight inside when I would be around groups of men that were my age and older.  I felt like I just wasn’t a ‘guy’ enough to fit in with them.  I didn’t ‘dislike’ myself, but I didn’t feel like who I was was as good (in concept of manliness) as them.

Well anyway, back to my original idea, Kirk is taking a stand for boys and men, mariage and family.  If you haven’t heard it yet, check out his new CD “Hero” – he shares his testimony of growing up through the song “Let It Go ” then shares the victory in “Imagine Me”.  These songs make me cry if I let myself tune in to them.  How he shares so powerfully in these songs is amazing!

Spoken by Kirk in “Imagine Me”:
This song is dedicated to people like me,
those that struggled with insecurities,
acceptance, and even self-esteem,
you never felt good enough, you never felt pretty enough,
but Imagine God whispering in your ear and letting you know
that everything that has happen is now…

Gone, Gone, It’s Gone, All Gone

Well this entry is beyond long now… so I’ll put a pin in it and come back to this later.  I’d love to hear your comments about Kirk, the Oprah Show, or this discussion of Manhood in general!  Be blessed!


Thursday December 1, 2005 – 03:09am (CST)

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