Do we seek after DIY (Do It Yourself) spirituality?

I’m thinking about one way I find that we (especially in church) respond to life: “just fix it”.  It’s one of the major things we announce to the world when we witness: “whatever’s wrong, God will make it right… just come to Jesus”.  When people come to us or we go to people, the motive always seems to be: if you can just give me the right bible quote, or come up with some wise, easy to remember, catch phrase, then everything will change and I’ll be alright.

I guess I’m concerned because so often we are disappointed by this way of living.  My experience in church has been very action or works based.  We unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) attribute success to how hard we worked and failure to the lack thereof.  It’s not to say that these aren’t key factors in the effectiveness of our endeavors, but we spiritualize it and attribute it to God.  In doing so, we send people away with this notion that if I can’t make it happen, I must somehow not be in the right place with God… now I’ve got to fix something so I can get somewhere.

Let’s make it clear that I’m not advocating “don’t do anything cuz you can’t make it better anyway” but I am challenging myself firstly and anyone who reads this to stop for a moment and look at the bigger picture.  In our pursuit of perfection and righteousness are we looking past the relationship with God and counterfeiting the fruit of that relationship with our great works and witty wisdom phrases?  We all know that we need to be better than we are, but for all of our efforts, are we ‘out doing’ God in his plan?

Isn’t part of the Gospel message that “Man is hopeless to attain righteousness and rejoin relationship with God… so God through Jesus restored us to himself and declared us righteous”.  Maybe it’s time to take a moment to worship God… not manipulate him or our lives so things can ‘be better’.  God allows the mountains and valley’s of our lives for the sake of us knowing Him more.  Just think about it, have you ever had a friend that you really thought you knew, but an extreme situation came up and you then saw a whole new side of this person?  Good or bad, had the situation never come up, you may never have come to know that person in quite the same way you know them now.  So it is with us; if our spirituality worked out the way we treat it some time, we would never have extreme situations and thus never have the need to know God our ourselves in a different way.

We don’t seek after and hear the word as to somehow bypass something in our lives… but rather, we grow in faith as we hear the word, that whatever we experience in life, we are equipped with the Faith of God to handle it and even benefit from it.

I know I haven’t written in a while, but this is where I am right now… comments?  (does this make since to anyone?)

Tuesday December 27, 2005 – 11:06pm (CST)

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