Have you heard about this movie set to be realeased in 2006?

Invisibleis an indipendent film being released by Bill Duke,  an accopmlished hollywood director.  You can check out the trailer herePlease note… this film is for mature audieces and may be (dramaticly) shocking for some.

If you’ve heard of the movie or seen the trailer, Please comment.

I think this might make a few big waves for an indipendent film.  It’s hitting hard on a topic that’s been too taboo for years.  I say these issues need to be discussed in the black community because they are present but silent.  Especially in our churches, we aren’t dealing with what no body wants to talk about.  Then it takes movies like “Woman Thou Art Loosed” to wake up the nation and make a few sparks.

I wouldn’t put “Invisible” in the same category as “Woman Thou Art Loosed” but I will say that these films both touch on Taboo topics in the African-American community.

One sad note about the trailer however is that the statistics quoted at the end I’m hearing are “inflated” to say the least.  The 70% figure that this clip quotes is only reported at about 6% in verifiable sources .  I say… get the truth out… but get it right!

Anyway, check it and respond… we’ll talk more later!


Are Movies like “Invisible” going to help our society?

Friday November 11, 2005 – 03:35am (CST)

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