Kiss Me and Get It Over With!

A new friend and brother encouraged my heart with this today.  I think it will be a blessing to you too…. check out an except from what he wrote.


What I want to encorage you to do is tell the Devil…”Kiss me and get it over with”

Just as Christ told Judas before He was betrayed, “What ever you do, do it quickly”  then later, Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek and Christ was crucified…you know the rest…
My point is there are times in your Christian experience that people who you selected to trust, who are close to you set you up to be crusified and leave you for dead.  They bury you never expecting for you to recover, make EVERYTHING difficult for you.  You on the other hand must take on the mind of Christ and be certain that you are in tune with what GOD is about to do in your life.  When those that we love and love us start trippin!  Know that something great is coming after this, something supernatural…and tell the Devil…”Kiss me and get it over with”  I know I am gonna be hurt, I know I am gonna be beat down, I know that I am gonna be battered, lied on, lied to, disappointed, but the sooner you kiss me the sooner I will get my breakthrough, the sooner I will get my miracle, the sooner I will get my deliverance…Just kiss me and get it over with, I am on my way to a new level of anointing, I am an my way to a new dimention in Christ!!!   “THOUGH YOU SLAY ME, YET WILL I TRUST HIM
Even when they try to bury you…realize that anythig buried is not expected to get back up!  But you’ve got to realize that you have been planted…NOT BURIED…PLANTED…It may take a moment but afterwhile you will breakthrough all the dirt that was thrown at you! You will come back stronger, healthier, prosperous, anointed the more, more determined…Everything about you will be different.  They will say but I thought…this-that-the other, and you can say Devil you should not have done that…You should not have let me live to get through this, but now…God has anointed me!  God has renewed me, God has revived me! God has restored me, God has rescued me, Now I am recovering everything that was taken away from me!  Devil…Just kiss me and get it over with…I have purpose and destiny to fulfill…Kiss me and get it over with…I have the will of God for my life.
I thank GOD for his sons, such as Rev Lemuel Bannister, Jr. who blessed and encouraged me today…
My head is still reeling on what steps I am to take next… so keep me in your prayers and stay tuned!
–Min. Darren

Wednesday October 12, 2005 – 10:28pm (CDT)