Well… here we go! It seems bloging is what’s hot on everyone’s internet lists and for once, I’m not at the forfront of early adopters. Maybe I am getting older.

Anyway, since I’ve moved back to Chicago, I’ve been working on being more open and honest. I believe its foundational to being a man of integrity. I feel so strongly about integrity (enough to put it on my wall) because it has to do with wholeness and strength. My relationship with God is the source of those qualities. He is the ultimate reality and if I’m to live the life of a real man then I ust live the life of a godly man. There’s no way to separate the two. ((( Darren will now step down from his soap box)))

So being back in Chicago is a lot like being born again… you already have some knowledge, understanding, and experince – yet EVERYTHING is new and somehow different. I belive God has brought me to this place of dependence inorder show just how great his purpose is in my life.

So in the time to come, I’ll reflect on what my life has been, where it’s going, and the journey in getting there. See you all soon!

Tuesday September 13, 2005 – 07:50pm (CDT)